A Shared-World of Heroes and Villains

Submissions for the 6th SFFWorld.com anthology are


Thanks for checking us out – WELCOME TO PACIFIC CITY! will be published in early 2018. The anthology is a sort-of shared world project: we named the place, and the chosen authors will bring it to life through the mediums of science fiction, fantasy or horror. Stories are set in or around our fictionalised Pacific City, and a key element will be heroism and/or villainy, be it “super” or otherwise. Check here for an inspirational guide to the city!

However, although this is primarily a speculative fiction project, we also invited stories that help make Pacific City feel like a real place. Not every inspiring (or insidious) story demands the out of the ordinary for impact — but if a masked avenger wanders by in the background, well, that won’t be much of a problem for us…

We plan to run a Kickstarter campaign prior to publication in an attempt to raise funds for increased author fees, and to give readers a chance to pick up some cool digital goodies, including advanced copies of the ebook edition. The editor has previously organised two successful fiction-related Kickstarters, including one for our 2015 anthology — this is no guarantee of future success, but it bodes well!

Like all our previous anthologies, Welcome To Pacific City! is an opportunity for upcoming writers to showcase their skills, and will also feature a couple of invited authors with a great track record in speculative fiction to help boost the collection’s profile. If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for very occasional updates at editor Andrew Leon Hudson’s mailing list – no spam guaranteed!