Mini-Interview – Gil Williamson

For our final contributor mini-interview we welcome Gil Williamson, who makes his first appearance in an anthology!

Gil is the editor of Mythaxis, an online spec-fic magazine which recently entered its tenth year of irregular publication. He also writes, primarily science fiction, and spends his days on the sea, or the race track, or the golf course, amongst other pursuits.

  • What was the first story you ever wrote, published or not?

Unpublished – age 9 – “Divers” – a fanciful tale inspired by Arthur Ransome books.

  • Who’s your famous-around-the-whole-world hero?

Patrick Leigh Fermor. Though in many respects probably not everyone’s cup of tea, you have to take your hat off to a man who walked from London to Istanbul in the 1930s and later organised the Cretan Resistance movement in WWII. That’s in addition to writing excellent books.

  • Who’s your no-one’s-ever-heard-of-that-one hero?

My father. Fought in the Spanish Civil War, decorated as an intelligence officer in Nepal and Burma in WWII. Spoke Italian, Spanish, Japanese, 3 dialects of Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Urdu. Became a teacher after the war, finished up as Deputy Director of Education in Brunei. And who regrettably never wrote a word about his amazing life.

  • What’s your secret weakness – Fire? Ice cream? Kryptonite?

Fast cars. (I don’t have one, but I race karts to let off steam)

  • What would it take to drive you to a thrilling life of crime?

It didn’t take much.

  • Describe your superhero suit – spare no detail!

Charcoal grey suit. striped Oxford shirt, polished black lace-up shoes, old school tie (silk).

  • If you were Mayor of Pacific City, what would be your first abuse of power?

Free lunches.

  • We’ve danced around this long enough: which are you, Hero or Villain?

Apparently respectable villain.


THE WITCHCRAFT — some people are willing to put their trust in powers beyond comprehension, and some people are willing to provide that service. But will their customers get what they want, or what they deserve?

Many thanks to Gil, and to all our other contributors!

That completes our mini-interviews — next up, the much-delayed reveal of the Welcome to Pacific City cover art!


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