Mini-Interview – Andrew Leon Hudson

For our sixth contributor mini-interview we welcome Andrew Leon Hudson, who in addition to editing a couple of these anthologies has had stories in the last four as well!

Andrew describes himself as an irregular Englishman living in Spain who commits scifi, horror, fantasy and crime. He also works as an editor and ebook designer, which is more or less how he got involved in the anthology project. He occasionally blogs here and there, tweets and facebooks, and is one third of the team behind the historical fantasy ezine Archipelago.

Now “he’s” going to pretend he’s not asking himself a bunch of questions in an otherwise empty room…

  • What was the first story you ever wrote, published or not?

An autobiographical international thriller that provided literary theorists with the groundbreaking Unfortunately/Fortunately/Unfortunately model of narrative structure. Aged five or so.

  • Who’s your famous-around-the-whole-world hero?

I’d usually pick Sir David Attenborough, but right now I’ll go with the dear departed Stephen Hawking, who started me reading non-fiction in my teens.

  • Who’s your no-one’s-ever-heard-of-that-one hero?

My grandfather, Harry Hudson, who helped get me reading everything else ten years earlier.

  • What’s your secret weakness – Fire? Ice cream? Kryptonite?

Lasagne. I wish I could say it makes me weaker, but it just makes me heavier…

  • What would it take to drive you to a thrilling life of crime?


  • Describe your superhero suit – spare no detail!

A chameleonic-green suit with canary-yellow waistcoat, private eye-style trench coat and a fedora that casts a perpetual shadow over my whole face. Apart from the glint of my jam-jars.

  • If you were Mayor of Pacific City, what would be your first abuse of power?

Imposing sky-high taxation and universal basic income, whether anybody likes it or not.

  • We’ve danced around this long enough: which are you, Hero or Villain?

Hero in my own story, Villain of everyone else’s.

Well, before “he” gets out of here, let’s end with a little teaser about his story in the collection:

DEAL WITH THE DEVILS — What makes a hero? Is it taking a stand for what you believe in? Is it changing the world in the name of privacy and freedom? Nope: it’s being the best damn graffiti artist Pacific City has ever seen…

Many thanks to Andrew (it feels weird saying that), more interviews are on the way!


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