Mini-Interview – Jennifer Baumer

For our second contributor mini-interview we welcome Jennifer Baumer, who makes her first appearance in an anthology!

Jennifer lives above 5,000 feet in Cold Springs, Nevada (meaning elevation, not a collection of sinister trophies (I assume)), where she writes speculative fiction, business and lifestyle articles, ghostwrites romances and nonfiction, and conducts experiments in high-altitude baking. You can follow her on Twitter, Tumblr and at her website. So, let’s get to the questions!

  • What was the first story you ever wrote, published or not?

“And then the monster ate the princess.” Written when I was 4. My Grandmother was co-author. Bits and pieces were published in an anthology about Grandmothers much later.

  • Who’s your famous-around-the-whole-world hero?

Stephen King, hands down, for writers. Beat addiction, beat poverty, best writer of our time. For non-writers, Hillary Clinton.

  • Who’s your no-one’s-ever-heard-of-that-one hero?

Everyone who works to protect and save animals.

  • What’s your secret weakness – Fire? Ice cream? Kryptonite?

Pizza. But I don’t think it’s much of a secret. Also animals, desert, heat, sunlight, books, bookstores…

  • What would it take to drive you to a thrilling life of crime?

Necessity. But that’s not thrilling. I suppose if I were turned loose in Barnes & Noble’s warehouse unobserved, I couldn’t be trusted.

  • Describe your superhero suit – spare no detail!

A cloak of invisibility.

  • If you were Mayor of Pacific City, what would be your first abuse of power?

Free books and pizza and cats for everyone.

  • We’ve danced around this long enough: which are you, Hero or Villain?


Sigh… how many of them are going to try that line? While we wait to find out, here’s a teaser of the story Jennifer has in store for us:

THERE ARE DOORS — yes, Welcome to Pacific City… the Pacific City Mental Hospital, to be exact, where an airborne avenger arrives to receive healing, or maybe just face judgement for her crimes…

Many thanks to Jennifer — and stick around, more interviews are on the way!


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