Mini-Interview – Tansy Rayner Roberts

Welcome back! Our second contributor mini-interview brings you our second cover-star, Tansy Rayner Roberts, who delivers the SFFWorld anthology series what she does best: super-powered fiction!

Tansy is an award-winning writer of science fiction, fantasy, feminist essays, and humour, tastes of which can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and her website. She lives in Tasmania, Australia, with her husband and two superhero daughters.

  • What was the first story you ever wrote, published or not?

Too far back to remember! But in grade 2 I do recall the teacher handed out blank homemade books in funny shapes. I got the one like a giant shoe and wrote a story about a circus. My first example of writing to someone else’s theme!

  • Who’s your famous-around-the-whole-world hero?

Wonder Woman. She’s a classic for a reason. I particularly have a fondness for the really early comics where the Amazons ride giant kangas in gladiatorial bouts, and do super science, and Steve Trevor keeps being kidnapped because he really likes being rescued.

  • Who’s your no-one’s-ever-heard-of-that-one hero?

I have a deep fondness for Crimson Fox from the Justice League Europe of the early 90s. Running a cosmetics company by day, leaping around the Paris skyline as a superhero by night… she pulls it off because she’s TWINS. Literally the only superhero ever to manage a decent work-life balance. Shame they both got horribly murdered by uncaring editorial policy.

  • What’s your secret weakness – Fire? Ice cream? Kryptonite?

Episodic TV really. I get addicted to fictional characters and can’t let them drop even when their show goes badly off the rails. Also, I am completely undone by my children promising hugs when I need to be doing other things like TYPING.

  • What would it take to drive you to a thrilling life of crime?

I’m a terribly disorganised person so I’d have to have a very organised criminal partner who did all the planning and talked me into it. Oh. This was probably a question about ethics.

  • Quite the opposite… so, describe your superhero suit – spare no detail!

Crushed velvet, three capes, great boots, and some kind of astronaut-shaped headgear because I can’t fit an ordinary mask over glasses. And I refuse to get contacts.

  • If you were Mayor of Pacific City, what would be your first abuse of power?

I would make regular book purchases compulsory.

  • We’ve danced around this long enough: which are you, Hero or Villain?

I thought I was a hero when I started filling out this questionnaire but NOW I’M NOT SO SURE.

No-one who forces book acquisition on an unsuspecting world can be all bad! And Tansy’s contribution to the anthology is nothing but good (apart from where it’s evil):

PURRFECT CRIMINAL — Leopards can’t change their spots, but what if you live your whole life in one place, only for it to change from Home to the Unknown in the blink of an eye? Maybe you’ll change too…

Okay, that’s both of our cover stars covered — tomorrow we’ll begin introducing (and in some cases re-introducing) the other contributors to Welcome to Pacific City!


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