Table of Contents

One day short of a week since Post #1, but who wants to wait? Welcome to Pacific City is a collection of fourteen stories totalling nearly 75,000 words of original fiction, all set in a shared world of heroes and villains both ordinary and extraordinary.

Now, without further ado, it’s our great pleasure to reveal the table of contents for the sixth anthology:

Welcome to Pacific City

Table of Contents

01 – Park Life – Igor Ljubuncic

02 – There Are Doors – Jennifer Baumer

03 – His Trail of Cinders – Jeremy Megargee

04 – The Congregation – P. J. Richards

05The Witchcraft – Gil Williamson

06The Gift of Gabby – Matt Hughes

07Student of Catastrophe – Lydia Hall

08Honor’s Just a Word – Wilson Geiger

09Deal with the Devils – Andrew Leon Hudson

10Invictus – James Sullivan

11Mechanic’s Lien – Joseph Lopez

12Over Water, Under Surveillance – Daniel Ausema

13A Tale from Logburn – Victor G. Espinosa

14Purrfect Criminal – Tansy Rayner Roberts


We know, we know, it’s just titles and authors — but in there are downfalls and redemptions, magic and science and things in between, the jaw-droppingly spectacular and the seemingly mundane, the births of heroes and villains!

Hope you’re tantalised!


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