Anthology Announcement

Since 2012, the writing community at have published annual anthologies of science fiction, fantasy and horror — and, after too much delay, the “2017” collection is finally on the horizon!

WELCOME TO PACIFIC CITY is a shared-world anthology set in a sprawling megalopolis on the coast of Oregon in the Unites States of America, a place populated by heroes and villains from the everyday to the extraordinary. You can learn a little about the place right here, but if you really want to explore our fine city you’ll have to read the fourteen stories we’ve got in store for you.

Andrew Leon Hudson returns as contributing editor, alongside N. E. White, the originator of the overall anthology project. We are very pleased to announce the reappearance of previous contributors Daniel Ausema, Victor G. Espinosa, Wilson GeigerIgor Ljubuncic, Joseph Lopez and P. J. Richards, and we also welcome new faces to the series in Jennifer Baumer, Lydia Hall, Jeremy Megargee, James Sullivan and Gil Williamson.

Our previous anthologies have also included established authors to help raise each book’s profile, and this one is no different. To headline Welcome to Pacific City we are delighted to present original stories by a pair of award-winning “cover stars”, Matthew Hughes and Tansy Rayner Roberts.

Matt is a veteran of numerous anthologies and magazines, including F&SF, Asimov’s, Interzone and Lightspeed, as well as a celebrated author of genre picaresques — he introduces a typically slick operator from the depths of Pacific City’s past, the man who begins its transformation from a seaside hamlet to the home of millions.

Leaving aside a variety of fantasy and science fiction projects, Tansy is the talent behind three of the most entertaining supers stories you could wish to read in Cookie Cutter Superhero, Kid Dark Versus the Machine and Girl Reporter — the perfect person to reveal just how different this Pacific City is from the one you might know!

There’s more to come before publication day: we’ll announce the official table of contents shortly with the cover reveal soon after that, plus a Kickstarter campaign for those who want to get their hands on a copy of the book ahead of schedule — as well as interviews with the authors and previews of the stories too. So why not stick around, see the sights, and get acquainted with a city where anything could happen…

and soon will


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