Mini-Interview – Gil Williamson

For our final contributor mini-interview we welcome Gil Williamson, who makes his first appearance in an anthology! Gil is the editor of Mythaxis, an online spec-fic magazine which recently entered its tenth year of irregular publication. He also writes, primarily science fiction, and spends his days on the sea, or the race track, or the […]

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Mini-Interview – James Sullivan

For our eleventh contributor mini-interview we welcome James Sullivan, who makes his first appearance in an anthology! In a former life, James was a college graduate and a banker. Now, he’s a New York State Court Officer, a husband, and a father of twins. He has a background in Mountain Search and Rescue, Chinese martial […]

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Mini-Interview – P. J. Richards

For our tenth contributor mini-interview we welcome P. J. Richards, who makes her third appearance in an anthology after Ecotones and You Are Here! P. J. lives in Somerset, England, surrounded by the history and folklore she loves. When not hunched over a laptop or drawing-board, she says she can be found living in castles, […]

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Mini-Interview – Jeremy Megargee

For our ninth contributor mini-interview we welcome Jeremy Megargee, who makes his first appearance in an anthology]! Jeremy has always loved dark fiction. He cut his teeth on R.L Stine’s Goosebumps series as a child and a fascination with Stephen King’s work followed later in life. He weaves his tales of personal horror from Martinsburg, […]

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Mini-Interview – Joseph Lopez

For our eighth contributor mini-interview we welcome Joseph Lopez, who previously featured in You Are Here! Joseph fell in love with speculative fiction at a young age, and has been an avid reader and writer in the genre ever since. He is a practicing attorney in California, a member of GLAWS, the Greater Los Angeles […]

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Mini-Interview – Igor Ljubuncic

For our seventh contributor mini-interview we welcome Igor Ljubuncic, who has been almost ever-present in the SFFWorld anthology series! Igor is a physicist by vocation, an IT nerd by profession, and has thirteen published works (currently) which have received favourable reviews from Publishers Weekly, Underground Book Reviews, Midwest Book Review, SFFWorld, and others. He runs a popular […]

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Mini-Interview – Andrew Leon Hudson

For our sixth contributor mini-interview we welcome Andrew Leon Hudson, who in addition to editing a couple of these anthologies has had stories in the last four as well! Andrew describes himself as an irregular Englishman living in Spain who commits scifi, horror, fantasy and crime. He also works as an editor and ebook designer, which is more […]

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Mini-Interview – Lydia Hall

For our fifth contributor mini-interview we welcome Lydia Hall, who makes her first appearance in an anthology — in fact, this is her very first publication! Lydia is an artist of three kinds: pencils, piano, and prose. She describes herself as quirky with a weirdly specific sense of humor, the result of a military childhood […]

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Mini-Interview – Wilson Geiger

For our fourth contributor mini-interview we welcome Wilson Geiger, who previously appeared in The End, Lucky or Unlucky? and Wars to End All Wars! Wilson has been gripped by fantastical worlds ever since stumbling upon his father’s copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. He writes fantasy and science fiction stories when not maintaining networks, troubleshooting […]

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Mini-Interview – Victor Espinosa

For our third contributor mini-interview we welcome Victor G. Espinosa, who is back for more after featuring in the Ecotones anthology! Victor is an indie author from Naples, Florida, who has appeared in several previous short fiction anthologies. He self-published a fantasy novella in 2015, Greyheart, and you can catch occasional updates about life and writing on […]

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